Are you planning to travel to Thailand in the near future but don't have time to learn a lot of Thai before the trip? Just learning the most essential Thai phrases introduced in this course will help make your trip much more enjoyable and comfortable!

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11 Audio & Video Lessons

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I have been listening to the audio lessons for a while, but the book took my learning to the next level! Highly recommended.

Student Feedback


What can I say, I really only expect the best from Byu and she delivered yet again with this course! It's really helpful for building beginner vocabulary and the audio files really help train your ear to understand native Thai speaker. 


This has become a great resource for me as I continue my Thai studies. I am really pleased with format And content of this online course. 

Excellent course I cannot recommend it enough!

Thai Phrasebook for Travelers
  • ​This e-book covers all contents in this video course.
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What will you learn from "Thai Phrases for Travelers" video lessons?

It is a very good way to practice speaking and to get yourself ready for your next real-life Thai-speaking situation. I know that a lot of my students like to listen to audio material while they are on the go. Listen to each track and repeat everything out loud. You will be given a pause for each word and phrase.

Divided into sections by location and situation, Thai Phrasebook For Travelers covers nearly every situation which a traveler may encounter. The romanizations in this particular book have been modified from the "official romanization" system to better suit English speakers.

Traveling to another country where you are not familiar with the national language can sometimes lead to frustration and/or a poor experience. This handy guide, complete with everything a traveler needs to know while staying in Thailand, will make your trip more enjoyable and gives you the knowledge to get around Thailand with confidence! 

In this lesson, you will learn some survival and practical Thai phrases.


In this lesson, you'll learn some practical Thai phrases.

In this lesson, you'll have a conversation learning how to order food in Thai. You'll also review the measure words used in the restaurant. 

In this lesson, you’ll learn how to ask for a specific location. "Where is...?"

Market shopping is very popular in Thailand, and Thais love to shop! The first price you are given in a market setting is pretty much always subject to a discount; so don’t be shy to strike a bargain. Get the best price with this essential shopping chitchat. 

Small talk in Thailand is a huge part of everyday life. Locals regularly comment on the weather, ask each other whether they have eaten or not and often comment on each other’s appearance. You will find the following phrases useful when making small talk with locals.

Learn all phrases that you may need when booking for a hotel room in Thailand.

In this lesson, we will learn how to ask for helps in case of emergencies. 

Taking in Thailand is not easy as Thai taxi drivers have English language difficulties. These phrases will prep you to all required situations (telling direction, speaking with drivers, and etc.)

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